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Restuccia Family Tackles Oktoberfest in Germany


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After a wonderful 4 months at home in the States, I am finally picking back up where I left off last season in Germany playing for the Memmingen Indians. Although I had a great time at home working as an intern with UPenn Health Systems, spending time with my family and friends, and drinking Victory beer, it feels great to be back in the land of the Deutch with my sister from another mister, Jessica Martino, and my Germs. 

I returned to Germany a month ago in early September and boy has it been a crazy month. We started off the season with a three-day training camp and a game verse Salzburg. Training camp went really well and I think our team is looking even better than last year! We finished second in the league last season along with winning the cup in the playoffs. I’m hoping this year, we finish first in the league and also bring the cup back to Memmingen mid March.

Our game against Salzburg went well. It was a tight game but we came out on top winning 3-2. Salzburg has three imports this year, one being an ex-Boston College teammate, Kristina Brown, who I have to say looked really good out there. I fell for her toe drag about six times and she cooked me like a Thanksgiving turkey. Struggle. Our second game of the season was played against our rivals, Planegg. They finished first in the league last year and picked up a new import this season. I have mixed feelings about their new import, Brooke Ammerman. I played on a line with Brooke for two years in high school. I loved playing with her but I hate playing against her! She is definitely a big asset to the Planegg team and will help keep the league competitive. Although Brooke is on our rival team, I’m really happy that she lives so close because it is always nice to have another American to hang out and travel with. She’s a good time. 

So anyway, back to hockey. Both teams went scoreless in the first period and I thought for sure we were going to pull through with a win. Not long into the second period, I was on a one on one and beat the defensemen. I tried dragging the puck with one hand across the crease and got hit from behind into the net. I landed on my wrist funny and got off the ice. I took my glove off and noticed my wrist was really swollen. It hurt like a mother. I was then driven to the hospital and had to get x-rays taken. Turned out, I broke my radius in a “y” shape and I was then told I needed surgery. Two days later, I was under the knife. One metal plate, five screws, and seven stitches later, my operation was complete. I’m out of commission for 6-8. Awesome. Although it sucks, things could be worse. Luckily, I get to stay in Germany and still be part of the team. I’m hoping I will be back on the ice soon playing with no contact in a few weeks. My wrist is recovering quite well. My cast is off, my stitches are out, that tattoo on my wrist that says “appreciate” still in fact says “appreciate”, and Jess doesn’t need to bathe me anymore!

Three days after my surgery, my family arrived to Germany. They had their trip planned for three months and they couldn’t have come at a better time. It was really nice to see my family after my strug incident. While they were here, we did a bunch of touristy such as visiting a few of King Ludwig’s castles, going to a Bundesliga soccer game, and of course, Oktoberfesting. I would definitely consider my family to be rookies at Oktoberfest after their first performance. It started off with my younger brother Matt (18) going missing for an hour. My mom was freaking out because she thought he was gone baby gone. He returned an hour later. Apparently, he fell asleep on the toilet with his pants down and hands holding his face up. Typical Matt. He was pumped afterwards because he felt well rested and was able to finish the night strong. My older brother Mike (25), went to stand on a table and fell flat on his face and busted open his lip. My dad went to step on a bench to stand on a table. No one was sitting on the bench so when he stepped on the end of it, the bench flew up and jacked him in the face chipping his front tooth. I feel like you only see stuff like that happen in cartoons. Last but not least, my mom fell off the top of a table and got stuck under the benches. What a shit show group! Despite my family being a little chaotic, I had a great time with them and I’m glad they got the full German experience on their trip. I still have #Restucciapride.       

I finished off my Oktoberfest career with seven appearances. I went four times last year and three times this year. All seven appearances were different but amazing! If you ever decide to visit Germany, make sure it’s at the end of September or early October during the festivities. It’s a wild atmosphere and you really just need to see it to believe it and make your own memories. I’m not sure my blog does it justice.

Tomorrow, Jess and I leave for the French Riviera! We are going for five days and I’m so excited. We will be staying in Nice and doing day trips to different cities each day from there. We have decided to bring our Hawaiian shirts and big personalities with us on our upcoming adventure. Should be a blast. I can’t say I’ve ever had a dull moment with Jess so even though it is just the two of us, I’m ecstatic about our trip. We are so “French Riviera ready”. 

Ciao Ciao for now,


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