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Social Media is something that is always it the back of a responsible parents head, and although I use it extensively there is always a concern when my ten year old daughter wants to use it. However what she has found has been one of the greatest sources of inspiration for her very young Hockey career. 

Every day as my routine is just beginning and the first splash of coffee is just touching the bottom of my cup I am completely inedited with the excited ramblings of “Dad, Dad look what We are up to now.” At which point my eyes are barely adjusting to daylight let alone having to squint to view her tablet. 

On this particular morning it was images of our Canadian Women’s National Team climbing all over the giant Olympic rings located in their athlete village in Sochi. She points each one out by name as if she is living this moment with the team, and to a very large degree, she is. For more than the last six months she has been everywhere the Canadian and American Olympic hopefuls have been. 

Thanks to the wonders of modern age, my daughter has seen the rigorous training, the ups and downs, the good times and some not so good times. She has traveled across our country, and to several others. She has visited fine art museums, been introduce to fine (and not so fine) cuisine, she has seen bumps and bruises, met with dignitaries and legendary sports heroes and all with the touch of a button, and all because so many of these tremendous role models have taken the time to document and share their daily trials and tribulations. 

Through all of this my daughter has learned so many valuable things about being and athlete, a strong female, a hockey player, a teammate and a responsible member of the global community. Although she is a very proud Canadian, her hockey lifestyle education has come from all over the world and there are so many stories that are only just beginning to be written.  

Certainly it has been refreshing to view the world of athletes as they see it, raw and very inspiring; these terrific women have such a natural ability to communicate their success and struggles and live each moment to the fullest. There is no Pomp and Circumstance to any of it, they are not selling anything, they are just doing all they can to be better and to grow their game. 

Whether my daughter is amazed by the pictures of Austrian architecture, or giggling over pedicures performed by tiny fish, or even feeling connected to the fact that while one of the Lamoureux twins has a Basset Hound name George we have a Beagle Hound named Fred, I am more than comfortable letting her share in the lives of those who have graciously let her in. 

The largest thing my daughter has learned is that no matter where you go in life, and certainly not all her heroes made the current Olympic rosters, you will always have your dedication to your teammates, your country, your sport, your school, and most importantly your friends and family. For all the times when maybe Father doesn’t know best, or so she thinks, I am extremely secure in her choice for role models and heroes and those she is listening too. 

To all the Women of National Olympic teams, the CWHL, the PWHL, CIS, NCAA and all the rest who have proven time and time again why Women in Sport can be, will be and continue to be some the best examples of Leadership and Inspiration to the many generations that will follow. I thank you from the bottom of my heart for helping provide direction and desire to the countless young women and girls who look up to you every day, and to showing my daughter that the faith and friendship you have in others should only be surpassed by the confidence you have in yourself. Thank you for giving so much of yourselves, so that others may draw from your success. 

I personally give you all a ‘like’, ‘share’, ‘follow’, ‘tweet’, ‘retweet’ and ‘favourite’.

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