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Ravens Fall Short of CIS Nationals


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Our season has been over for nearly 2 weeks now, and the team and I are enjoying some much needed time off.  Obviously, since I’m writing this from our study room at the rink and not from Nationals in Edmonton, our season did not end the way we wanted it too.

We finished out the year in 3rd place, capturing the most points in regular of any team in our program’s Photo Courtesy of Kat Levesquehistory.  This was the first year in three years that making the playoffs didn’t come down to our last game.  But, our last regular season game was against Ottawa U, and since we hadn’t beaten them all year, that game was about pride.  It was a great game, back and forth, and we ended up in a 3-3 tie.  Overtime solved nothing, so we headed into a shootout.  The shootout was nothing short of epic; it lasted 10 rounds, with both goalies standing on their heads.  But we managed to pull it off to create some good momentum to propel us into playoffs.  

The momentum wasn’t able to carry us very far, as we fell to the University of Montreal in 2 games, losing both games 5-1.  Although there were moments in both games where we shined and competed, we were simply not able to generate any offense and our systems were outclassed by a very strong U de M team.  We all felt like this was our year to go to Nationals, but in the end we didn’t get there.  Although there was a ton of positive to this year, the ending is very hard to swallow.  For now however, all we can do is learn what we can, move on and get ready for next year.  

We have a fairly large graduating class this year:  Claudia Bergeron, Melanie McKnight, Kaila Lassaline, Kristen McDonald and our captain, Sara Seiler.  This is a great group of people whose enormous impact on and off the ice will be missed.  I’m going to miss all of them so much next year, and our team certainly won’t be the same without them.  Our team and our program are so much better because of them.         

The past few weeks have been slow, which is so strange considering the pace we go at during the season.  I’ve been taking it slow, resting, catching up on school work and slowly starting to get back into training.  We’re finally starting to emerge from the deep freeze that is Ottawa Winter, so my teammates and I have been taking advantage of the warm weather to run outside along the canal.  I’m enjoying the downtime, and hopefully we can all use it to refocus for next year.



Photo Courtesy of Kat Levesque 

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