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Quinnipiac Takes Down Clarkson; Heads to ECAC Semi-Finals

Believe. A lesson our coaches have focused on all year…actually, it’s a lesson our coaches have focused on ever since I first arrived at Quinnipiac, nearly four years ago. My freshmen season we finished with a record of 3-26-5, now, just three years later we are going to the semi-finals of the ECAC Tournament for the second consecutive year.

This past weekend we traveled to upstate New York once more to take on Clarkson in a best of three game series. In our previous play against the Knights this year we had lost both, but as Shakespeare once wrote, “what’s done is done.” So as we prepared for what we knew was going to be a hard-fought battle, we left the past behind us and believed we could overcome the challenge of going on the road and extend our season just a bit more.

We split the first two games of the playoff series so we needed the third game to break the tie. For the seniors it was the first time we really felt, “wow, this could be it.” As we got on the bus I looked across the aisle to two of my close senior teammates, without any words spoken we knew our thoughts were all the same, and we also knew at that moment, our season was not going to be over. We started the third game with a noticeable amount of confidence and poise, with each stride wanting to prove that this weekend, we were the better team. Every player robed in blue that day was not going to be denied, and it became one of the proudest moments of my life. Looking towards the bench as the final :02 seconds ticked off the clock to see our coach, arms stretched above, in pure joy, is a moment in time that I will never forget.

We have come so far since that first season, but there isn’t one thing about this journey I would change. Credit must be given to the recruiting of our coaches and the amazing girls they have brought in to form our team, but I think my teammates, coaches, program, and school for that matter would all agree when I say that BELIEVING we could become the team we dreamt of being, has enabled us to create it.

We’ve had, and have our share of injuries, losses, heartaches, and team conflicts, but through it all we never lose faith, we never stop believing. Believing is what helped us take those tough situations, those injuries, those losses, and because we have always believed, we made things possible. 


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