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Prioritizing as a Student-Athlete


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Heading into my sophomore year was nothing less than nerve wrecking.  Beginning second year I realized being a student athlete I had a lot to prove and a lot to lose as well. 

I was in a difficult position returning back to St. Thomas University.  In my rookie year I had the wrong mentality of being an athlete first and a student second.  Just as you could expect my year ended in turmoil. I knew coming into my sophomore year I had no other option than to put more effort into my academics.  With school in full gear, already I feel much more confident in my academic capabilities.  I noticed that organization was key for me; simply keeping a calendar has helped me manage school and athletics.  Being on top of my work has also made life less stressful and gives me the opportunity to do other things.  Knowing what I want to do in life is also an easy motivator for me this year.  Wanting to study Journalism for my B.A, I’ve been taking my subjects much more seriously.  I don’t think I have ever had this type of drive before to do something, other than hockey.  

Then there is hockey! I’d like to think I had a descent rookie year, but being a sophomore I know I’m only going to use last year as a base to build upon.  Hockey right now is going great.  After about a month of practicing, I’m just eager to get the season in full swing.  The month of practicing wasn’t too bad.  It’s always nice to have everyone back from summer vacation and working hard together as a team.  You start to notice your teammates grow up and step up which is definitely nice to see.  

This season is the year of change, and I’m definitely encouraging those who struggle with academics that you can change as well.  I was always the student who got distracted easily, and just couldn’t be bothered to do my homework. I’ve always been goal oriented, but I realize, as I get older, I’m actually taking action.  Focusing on the important things in life.  

Kenya Marcelline

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