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Preparing for Next Season; Now


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Do you know the best thing about hockey? It’s that even when you aren’t on the ice, you’re training like you’ve never stopped playing. You find yourself in the gym for countless hours throughout the week, working on every skill that applies to the game. Hockey players can do it all. They lift weight, run miles, sprint shuttles and everything in between. So as hard as you work in hockey season, you will double the effort for your offseason training. Working on endurance, flexibility, strength, and balance all summer long just to prepare yourself for the next time you step on the ice. Ask any dedicate player, there is no time to stop, because there is always someone working harder than you.

I am very fortunate to have team workouts every day. Monday through Friday we will be in the gym doing lifts, circuits, or sprints. We did similar workouts during the season, but now we are pushing ourselves more (i.e. more reps, more weight, longer sessions). In addition, we will end our work out session with a task of our choice, whether it may be a yoga class, a lap around the lake, or whatever you want to work on. Especially now that its spring time, the snow up here in Lake Placid has finally melted and we are seeing the sun. It definitely encourages me to do more outdoor exercise. I really want to start tennis also, since the court is right across the street. There’s always something to do around here.

As the school year ends, I will definitely continue my training while I am home. I am also looking into several ice sessions a week in late June and all of July. I am confident going into this summer training because I know the outcome will be very pleasing when I am in good shape for next season. So for now, let the exhausting hours of training begin.

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