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Preparation in the England Ice Hockey Association (EIHA) Begins!

So the new hockey season is approaching really fast, it means that training steps up a gear to get our fitness at its best. We have some new players that have joined us from Basingstoke, so having to get used to there playing style is a challenge but it’s worth it.  There have been changes to our coaching staff, at the moment our coach also plays for us, but that should soon change, along with training stepping up a gear. Miltin Keynes won the league last season so we won’t be playing them this year which is a shame as they were a great team to play against.  I wish them well in the Premier League. 

A little bit about our league, the England Ice Hockey Association (EIHA).  The EIHA is broken down into 3 Divisions – Premier, North 1 and South 1.  I play for the Oxford Midnight Stars which is made up of 10 teams. During the season we play the teams twice, once at home and then the away trip to follow. We are not allowed to check so that is hard because as I see it, it is a part of the game and some refs are more tolerant than others.


With the start of a new season comes registration fees which is £65, and covers insurance, with out this we are not allowed to play. The excitement begins to build and finally the off season will soon be a distant memory.  We train throughout the off season but there are no games.  For me, I miss this, but it’s also a chance to play with others instead of your teammates all the time and provides a challenge. Training has now stepped up a gear in order to prepare for the upcoming season although we have not got the fixtures list (schedule) yet, which makes it quite exciting as we don’t know who we will be playing.


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