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Post-Season Begins for the Stingers

Hey everyone, 

Things have been quiet in Montreal since I last wrote a blog. March isn’t my favorite time of year. Our season ended too soon and then we were on a three-week break from training in order to get ready for the beginning of summer training. Needless to say, the first week went by very slowly and it was extremely boring. At least I had some schoolwork and a charity event I will talk about soon to keep me busy. This three-week break was also scary because for me, university hockey will be over for me at this time next year. If I was so bored after a one week break this year, what is going to happen next year. Very scary thoughts… 

The last few years have flown by and I cannot believe I’m at the end of my third year already. All my classmates are graduating next month and I’m really not looking forward to losing them.  Now that our break is over, we are back into training mode. This was my first week of lifting and my body aches all over. Tuesday morning, it took me a solid extra 10 minutes to get out of bed because my legs hurt so much. But, I love it! 

Exercise Science Wellness Week is a tradition in our department at school and something that has been going on for years. Essentially, every year a charity is chosen to benefit and then there are exercise classes and massages given at a great price and 100% of the money goes to the given charity. I was given the opportunity to join the committee and ended up co-chairing the event. We chose the Lymphedema Association of Quebec (LAQ) as our beneficiary after hearing the president of the association speak in one of our classes last semester. After all the work we put in, and the blood, sweat and tears, the week was a great success. We raised the most money of any week, raising $3,134.34 in only four days! I am extremely humbled to have been a part of this project and it is something I will cherish forever.  

But in all honesty, the coolest thing that happened to me this past month was when I made a half court shot at the women’s basketball game and I won a Stinger fridge. My technique was really weird (think soccer throw in) but I beat three football players and now am the proud owner of this fridge! It was quite the moment! 

While I haven’t been skating much since the season ended, I did get a great opportunity this past weekend to play in a scrimmage against the Montreal Stars before they left for the Clarkson Cup! It was such a cool experience to be on the ice with essentially half of Team Canada and players that I grew up idolizing. We only lost by 1 goal and it was a really great experience to play in that game. Best of luck to the Stars today as they take on Boston in the finals and especially to my coaches, Liz and Caro. Hope you bring us back the gold

With Stinger Pride, 



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