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Post Season at Robert Morris University

Hey everyone!

I know it’s been a while since my last post, but things have been hectic here in the second semester with school and such. Since my last blog, my 2010/2011 season has ended, Spring Break has passed, and post-season has begun. Now some of you might be wondering what post-season is so I’ll just provide a brief description.

Post-season as a Colonial athlete means the beginning of a new season, in this case 2011-2012.  It is bittersweet because your Seniors have moved on, which is sad, and yet something great lies ahead, which is exciting. Post-season is the way to begin preparing physically and mentally, to set new standards, and to push through comfort zones. This year we are going five times a week focusing on: sprints (short and long), power, agility, strength, and on-ice skills. Post-season is tough, it’s a time to rebuild and develop more muscle, it’s a time to set new goals, and it’s a time to accelerate your game.

We are only halfway through our first week of post-season and our bodies are already tense and sore. Nevertheless, usually after the first week you begin to feel loose, strong, and energetic; ready for anything the coaches throw at you! Post-season is the best time to band together as a team to: work hard, support each other, and set goals for the new season.   


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