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Phase Two Starts Now …


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The way I see the hockey season is as a make-up of three crucial components.  The first part is a learning curve.  With new faces and a new style of play, the first few months leading up to Christmas is an adjustment period.  The duration of time that commences after the Christmas break and leads up to playoffs can be seen as “Part Two” of a season.  This is a critical time in regards to team development.  Execution of work ethic and systems must become a main priority.  There is no excuse for still adjusting or not buying into a program.  We must establish a fire and drive to win that will generate momentum going into playoffs; which marks the final stage of the season.  Playoffs are where good teams choose to become championship teams or simply choose to fall between the cracks like many other competitors.  Peak performance from a team must be evident during this final stretch.  It is truly a test that only the strongest, and most competitive of teams will prevail.

The Guelph Gryphons started their second phase of the season with a game against the Brock Badgers.  The first period was not a strong start for our team.  It was not until the second period that the Gryphs decided to commit to battles and take more quality shots on net.  The overall speed and depth of our team was too much for the Badgers to handle in all areas of the ice.  We recorded a well-deserved 4-0 victory.  

Next up for the Guelph Gryphons is Toronto and Ryerson.  These two teams will continue to push our level of work and challenge us to commit to the excellence we are striving to achieve.

Bye for Now,

Katie Mora 



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