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Passing of the Reins

I am incredibly honored and excited to be able to write about the happenings and events of the Union Women’s Hockey team. But first things first…I have to thank the one and only Kate Gallagher for allowing me to continue this blog… on a side note I don’t think I’ve ever referred to her as Kate Gallagher…let’s stick with “Gal”. Yes my name is Jobin and yes it is not my first name or last name…let’s just say my mother calls me Stefanie…anyway, on to more important things.

The very first time I ever met Gal was on my recruiting visit wayyy back when…I walked into the coaches offices and they explained to me that I would be staying with “Monster” (Monster was another nickname Gal was commonly referred to). At the time I was a senior in High school, still very shy and quiet (times have obviously changed now). The only thought that came crashing into mind was… “I wonder why they call her Monster?” I imagined a 6’3 goalie, a deep voice, daggering eyes and in no way a smile…I was nervous and scared, I lied…very scared. But to my surprise I walked in to meet someone that would later on become one of the funniest, influential and important people in my life…also only 5’7 with the biggest smile I’ve ever seen. Over the course of two seasons, I learned a lot from Gal, being a freshman at the time I was pretty clueless, I needed all the guidance I could get. I learned the simplest things that made the world of difference. I learned to laugh and to not take myself so seriously. Gal, day in and day out transformed our entire team from sassy, stressed out girls, into non-stop laughing and smiles. She was able to do this by her natural ability to take any story or situation and make it ridiculously entertaining either by quoting something from family guy or incorporating a dance move. So far this season we have missed her dressing room presence immensely but we are lucky to see her cruising around the rink from time to time. It’s going to be next to impossible to live up to Gal’s unbelievably witty and funny writing abilities but I am going to try my best. 

Anddd now to take a look at our 2012-2013 season… so far so good…this past weekend we defeated UConn 3-2. Union’s first goal was scored by Jessica ‘huh?’ Kaminsky recording her first career goal. Emma ‘bambi’ Rambo was able to deflect a shot from Haley ‘transfer’ Welch to tie the game up at 2-2.  To get the job done Christine Valente also known as Huggy, Huggybaby, Hugster, Hugga, Nicki and Nicki Minaj… fired a shot between the legs of UConn goalie for the game winner.  Believe it or not, we were VERY excited about the win, as it was a great way to start off our season. I have a feeling this is a good sign of what is to come….more W’s!  (W refers to wins, not Western Lowland Gorilla’s… which can be found in central Africa, not Schenectady). Next week we will be heading down to Boston to play Northeastern and Boston University for two non-conference games.  

As Hilary Duff would say ‘this is what dreams are made of’,



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