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Panthers Can’t Stop, and Won’t Stop


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The Panthers recently got second place in the Doubletree Classic hosted by Saint Michaels College during the first week of January. Freshman Emily Underwood was named to the All-Tournament Team after scoring a goal in each game. On Mon., Jan. 6, 2014 she was honored with weekly recognition from the Eastern Collegiate Athletic Conference (ECAC). 

2014 has brought a fresh new start to Plymouth Women’s Ice Hockey. To begin the season the team had their annual secret santa, which comes with a lot of laughs, smiles, and interesting gifts. For one player in particular, the entire team came together to surprise her with brand new skates. Elizabeth Bien, who we call Liz, was so surprised she began to tear up and hugged everyone around the locker room in appreciation. 

The team has also taken some time off the ice to work on stickhandling, crossfit, and giving back to the Plymouth Community. On Wed., Jan. 15 players from both PSU men’s and women’s hockey teams helped out at an event called “Turn Up the Heat,” which provides energy and heat to those less fortunate in the Plymouth area. “It was a lot of fun to help out our community, and the food was great,” said No-sleeves Nancy. 

Sophomore Darla Mayo recently put together a playlist full of upbeat music that the team enjoys and now listens to while practicing. “The music really brings up the tempo,” said Janafer Flo. Her twin sister, Carlos Flo, said, “It really gets us pumped up, even during those early morning practices.”  The team’s warm up music was also updated for the New Year to give the games a fresh new start by senior Alicia Taninnacan. “I added a song to the mix that was made by one of our own player’s brothers. Hufflepuff surprised him when he came to a game, it was pretty cool,” said Taninnacan.  

PSUWIH plans to start the second half of their season better, faster, and stronger. “We didn’t end 2013 the way we had hoped, but we have refocused and plan to accomplish our team goals,” said sophomore Kelly Lunch.

“We have a lot of home games coming up, and it is our house and our roof, and we can’t stop #cantstopwontstop #pantherhockey,” said senior Linda Speare.

The Panthers face off against the Norwich Cadets on Fri., Jan. 17 at 6pm at Hanaway Ice Arena, then the following day against St. Mikes at 2pm.  

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