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As representative of the Plymouth State Women’s Ice Hockey team (PSUWIH) I want to begin my blogging quest by introducing myself: my name is Ali Myers, I am a senior at PSU, am from Seattle Washington, so I obviously love Starbucks (Grande Hazelnut Americano no room), aside from ice hockey, I enjoy horseback riding, traveling, and writing for my University newspaper, I also dabble in painting every now & then. I want to warn my readers, I am not a funny person, and if I try to be its usually on accident. 

PSUWIH had a bumpy start to our season…literally. On the way to the first game of the season (non-conference) against Franklin Pierce, the bus broke down. Players heads kept bobbing up and down, sophomore Wristniewski said, “um I don’t think we should be bouncing up and down like this, are we running over something?” The bumps slowly came to a halt when bus driver, Jimmy Dean, pulled to the shoulder of the freeway just before exit 16, “another bus is on its way,” said Dean. 

After immersing ourselves in the lovely nature and foliage New Hampshire offers this time of year, we were on the road again to the game. Upon arrival to the nice Wench facilities the team had give or take 20 minutes to prepare for the game. Overall it was a great effort on the team’s part. A freshman, Conzo, had the first shot for the Panthers, which is a great representation of the newcomers on the team—skilled, confident, and fierce. The game may not have had the desired outcome but the following game against Sacred Heart University proved, like the bus, Panthers bounce back. 

The Panthers face their first home game of the season on Sat., Nov. 15, 2013, at 6pm, versus the Castleton Spartans at the Hanaway Ice Arena. 

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