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Paintballing and Plane Rides for the Syracuse Orange


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Coming off a disappointing loss in our CHA championship, the Syracuse Women’s Hockey team was very anxious to get back on the ice. But before the fun days of practice began, the physicals, fitness testing, preseason lifting, and those dreaded skates with no pucks were holding us back. After getting through preseason with only minor cases of dehydration and rug burns from planks, our season began in full swing.

We began our season heading to Minnesota for a two games against St. Cloud State and the University of Minnesota. Road trips are always fun, but plane trips are even more fun. After carrying your 50lb hockey bag, duffle bag, and backpack full of books across the Minnesota airport I now realize why there is a direct correlation between hockey players and back problems. The weekend was a good chance for our team to get to know each other a little more on and off the ice.  

We just finished our 6th weekend of games and have had some ups and downs along the way. With a team comprised of 4 seniors, 3 juniors, 10 sophomores, and 7 freshmen we knew our young players were going to have to be a strong part of our team in order to succeed. We have yet to play any conference games but the games against non-conference teams are just as fun.

Outside of the rink and the weight room we have done some pretty fun team activities this year. My favorite being when we went paintballing. It was raining and muddy, but that just made it that much more fun. After our fifth round, it started to get boring when the same people kept winning and the same people also kept hiding out the whole time with a full barrel of paintballs. So we decided to make it more interesting and do a Can-Am final game (naturally). Of course the Americans came out with the win and have held the bragging rights until we can rematch again in the spring. 

With this weekend as our first weekend off since September, we plan to utilize the free time to work on conditioning and nursing those that are injured back to full strength. Being a popular time of the year to get sick, it is important to maintain a healthy squad. Everyone is just trying to stay focused on taking care of their bodies in preparation of the long season ahead. As for school, everyone has gotten through mid-term week and are anxiously awaiting thanksgiving break. The weather in Syracuse has been anything but typical seeing as we have only had one snowfall so far. It is usually cold and snowy by now, but I don’t mind the 70-degree weather. 

For next time I will share with you guys some doppelgangers on our team, and the tradition of the orange helmet.


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