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Oxford Participates in Swindon Tournament

As we head into the off season with only training and a few friendly matches there isn’t really a lot to tell you about apart from the Swindon tournamentThis is an annual event and is a friendly tournament with teams from across the country from Cardiff to Blackburn and so on. The event is held over two days and takes place on a weekend. We had an early start on the Saturday morning, which wasn’t easy as we don’t get off the ice untill 1am on the Saturday morning. 

The games are played over a 15 minute running clock. Our first game went very well and we managed to get a draw, it’s quite hard to get into the game as it’s such a short game. We carried on the streak with some well fought games against teams that are in higher leagues than we are. I was captain all weekend and was very proud of how the team played and worked together against some very tough teams. We also had some very long waits between the games, so it was tough to keep warm and keep the teams head in the game.

The tournament was fun and we came away with only one loss. It was fun to play teams from other leagues and to have a nice friendly atmosphere and have fun. 


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