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Oxford Midnight Stars Take on Bracknell in EIHA Play

After working hard to beat Solent and coming so close to victory we could almost smell it. We had training on the Friday night and then faced Bracknell away on the Sunday night. In training we focused on breakaway drills and also had a bit of fun thrown in for good measure which lifted the teams spirits. We also focused on power play and penalty kill, although we were hoping to not get to many penalties to kill and hoping for Bracknell to take some. This was a hard game for me as Bracknell was one of the first teams I played for so I was going to see some familiar faces and the rivalry that has built up due to being an  ex-teammate.

Bracknell is also an Olympic sized rink which makes it harder for us as we only have a small rink and our energy gets used up very fast. When we played Solent, their rink is the smallest in the league and going to Bracknell it is the biggest in the league. The journey wasn’t that far so that makes it easier.

We also talked about our warm up, our regular goalie was not available so we had to use our spare keeper, and during the warm up we tried to focus on warming the goalie as she hadn’t been between the pipes for a while. 

The game started with a fast pace and provided end to end action, with both teams getting chances on the net. The game started to get a bit heated because the ref was going in the favour of the home team, which wound some of our players up.

The period came to a close and the second period commenced. We came out the faster team and stronger leading the position and shots on goal, but this didn’t last long and tiredness started to kick in. Bracknell soon took full advantage of their home rink. We rallied round and managed to get a goal but that didn’t last for long and Bracknell took the lead and maintained it. The ref finally started to call equal penalties, but the damage had already been done and Bracknell kept up with the dirty plays and would not let up. This was the same throughout the third period in which the clock had to be run down as there was a major disagreement between one of our players and Bracknell.


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