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Northeastern Welcomes Incoming Freshmen

Hello again! It has been awhile, but I hope everybody is still enjoying his or her summers! I know I certainly am. Once co-op ended I decided to fly home to California to spend my summer with friends and family out on the West Coast. This is the first summer, in about four years, which I have been home for this long of a period. It’s not only about friends and family though; everyday consists of our summer workouts as well. Training and skating is the most important part of my summer because it only means I will be stronger and better for next season. We are 23 days away from our first round of testing and 49 days away from our first exhibition game, so it is important that everyone come back in shape to start the season off on the right track!

It was not mandatory for our pups to stay on campus this summer, so I know more than half of us went back to our hometowns for a few months. There are a few, however, who stayed in the city to either take a few courses, or even commit to an internship. Summer has been flying by, and it is almost time to arrive back on campus. Everyone will start moving into their dorms or apartments at different times and on different dates, but the pups will all be reunited on the 31st of this month. Our classes do not start until the fourth of September, so we will have a few days to settle down before we get back to business. 

As far as the newcomers go, I would like to welcome Bella Sinsigalli, Hayley Scamurra, Melissa Haganey, Hayley Masters, Heather Mottau, and Sarah Foss to the husky family. I am very excited to have this great group of girls join us. I would also like to congratulate one of my amazing teammates, Kendall Coyne, for being named to the national team. We wish her the best of luck, and I know she has a great year ahead of her. 

Speaking on behalf of the women’s hockey team here at Northeastern, we are looking forward to starting a new season of hockey with you, and hope to see you at our games! On a side note, if anybody is around Boston in the next few weeks and looking for some entertainment, go check out my fellow huskies play, as the men and women’s soccer, volleyball, and field hockey team start the 2013 season. 

Talk to you soon!



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