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Northeastern Huskies Are Back In Full Swing


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Long time no talk! I hope you all had an unbelievable summer! I can’t believe how fast it flew by. 

Fall classes are back in session, and it’s great to see everyone back on campus again. It’s my senior year, which is pretty surreal! Classes are off to a great start and so is hockey. Testing is over, and everyone did a great job. Summer training paid off as always! Official lifts have started, but we are still in the midst of captain’s practices and group skill sessions. We cannot start practicing yet, so we are taking this time to get to know everyone and get back into the routine of things. A ton of new faces have joined us, and I can already tell it’s going to a great year ahead! 

Our first team priority started with our annual move in volunteering. We split into a couple of different groups, spread out around Boston, and offered some assistance and help with new Huskies moving onto campus. We guided them where to go, handed out parking passes, and answered any questions the students would have. It was definitely a great day to give back! Next up was a team trip to the bowling alley! We decided to split up into a few different teams and spice it up a bit with some competitive games of bowling. Personally, I should just stick to hockey! It was a great time at the alley though. Somewhere in between we took our roster pictures along with a few candid headshots. You know season is close when picture day rolls around! This picture gives a sneak peak of our freshmen class! 

I should also announce that I am the President of our Student Athletic Advisory Committee here at Northeastern. This just means that I am in charge of putting events together for our athletes as well as providing community service opportunities for anyone interested. We have already had a few events to start the 2014 fall semester. These include two trips to the Tobin School in the Boston area. Both the track and field team and women’s soccer team volunteered their time to cleanup this school’s playground.  This ultimately gave the young kids a chance to arrive back to school to a clean environment and playground.  Another important SAAC project that I should mention was produced by my teammate, Heather Mottau. Over the summer she was really involved with increasing voting awareness, which resulted in a video involving Northeastern student athletes. It was a cool project to be a part of, and if any of you are interested in watching, I will attach the link to our Jock The Vote video below! WU6ONw


The weather is still gorgeous in Boston so there’s still a lot to do in our free time: Duck tours, red sox games, paddle boarding the Charles, it just doesn’t get old! Other than that, the city life is treating all of us really well. It’s only a matter of time now until we kick off our season with an exhibition game against the Montreal Stars on September 28th at our very own Matthews Arena. Our full schedule can be found below:

I have to get back to studying, but until next time hockey fans! 

Chels =)

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