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Northeastern Celebrates Annual Hydration Week

Well as everyone knows Hockey East finals were not how anyone expected.  Playing Providence was a very close game and we played a goalie that stood on her head the whole game.  As the season wrapped up though I was able to make it back to Stratford Ontario for a week and visit family and friends.  It was nice to get back home for the week but also nice to be back in Boston with the great weather.

Once everyone from the team was back we celebrated our annual hydration week.  This is when the team drinks as much water as possible to get prepared for spring conditioning.  The team reminisces on the season and talks about all funny things that happened throughout the year.  

Other than that this friday I am having hip surgery so I won’t blog again probably till next september when I’m back in Boston.  I will be busy studying and then ill be back in Stratford!! Hope everyone has a safe fun summer and good luck on exams. 



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