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  2. North Dakota is Ready, Let the Games Begin!

North Dakota is Ready, Let the Games Begin!


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The excitement and joy of returning to school for the semester may vary among student, however for the University of North Dakota women’s hockey team that excitement is at an all time high. Many may guess that this enthusiasm isn’t sparked from attending class and studying, but rather from the anticipation and thrill of getting the 2014-2015 hockey season started. We have just finished another intense preseason and game days are on the way. With our first scrimmage coming up against the Toronto Jr. Aeros we are exciting to kick start the year and get back to playing North Dakota Hockey!

As we all returned back to Grand Forks, North Dakota it was exciting to see the new gear we ordered (goalies especially), the teammates we missed over the summer, and the beautiful rink we missed being away from- I mean, have you seen our facilities? Who wouldn’t miss it!? The last thing we wanted to focus on upon our return was the schoolwork we would need to start, so getting on the ice and in the weight room was a thrill.

The preseason workouts we encountered were nothing but easy. With our new trainer, some of you may know her… Jocelyne Lamoureux-Davidson, we combined conditioning, strength, and agility into our daily workouts. As enjoyable as those sweaty, and hard workouts were getting on the ice was the best part of preseason. Our team here is pretty… no, very competitive which makes our inner team scrimmages exciting and fun. Not to mention our annual Jane Key Cup preseason tournament. However, it’s not all fun and games here at North Dakota. The enjoyment was tagged along with on ice conditioning and hard work during individual skill sessions. We knew how much effort we had to put into the off-season to be well prepared for this upcoming year.

With all the hard work and dedication we put into during the summer and our preseason we are excited to get back at it this year for the 2014-2015 season. We have a lot in store for ourselves this year and we plan to execute to our full potential. All this excitement is only beginning, and we are eager to keep you posted along the way! Let the games begin! 

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