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New Years Resolutions from the Syracuse Orange

Since our last blog, everyone has gotten through the end of the fall semester and had a chance to recharge their batteries. With two-a-days awaiting our arrival back in central NY, the break was much needed. Everyone was excited to get back on the ice and start playing again.

Being one of three teams on campus during this time, watching movies and playing with our new Christmas gifts doesn’t always seem to fill up the time between practices and lifts. This time of the year usually hosts our first team sledding trip, but with no snow on the ground, we are out of luck! Also, sharing the spot light with the #1 basketball team in the country can be tough, but it hasn’t stopped us from trying to claim our own territory in the ‘Cuse.

Over the next month our team will begin our fundraiser to generate proceeds for the ‘Skate for The Cure.’ ‘Skate for the Cure’ is a fundraiser that all members of the CHA (College Hockey America) take part in to generate awareness and the proceeds help fund a cure for breast cancer. Our ‘Skate for the Cure’ weekend is scheduled for January 20-21 at our home arena against conference rival, Niagara.

So far we have gone to the local AHL team, Syracuse Crunch, games and raised money. We sold pink breast cancer awareness ribbons and raffle tickets for a chance to win either a hockey stick or customized SU hockey jersey. We also offered face painting for the crunch fans at the game. Some of us were better artists than others, and I am pretty sure Junior Jessica Sorensen has found her calling. We also plan on attending some home men’s basketball games to raise money their as well. 

Going to local events around the city really helps our team get our name out there. Being just our fourth season as a program people in the area are still learning that we have a women’s team at school. We hope to gain a stronger fan base from the locals as the program grows.

Some new years resolutions around the rink have brought in good competition on and off the ice. Senior Lisa Mullan’s resolution is to stop buying deals at Sophomore lightweight Cara Johnson’s resolution is to gain 50 lbs and get noticed by Senior Taylor Metcalfe. Sophomore Kallie Billadeau says she is going to start putting down the fork and mixing in a salad. And Junior Holly Carrie-Mattimoe promises to grow her hair out.

Hope everyone enjoyed their holidays and we will catch up later!



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