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New Opportunities Begin to Unravel


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With a new year ahead, many of us are looking forward with optimism and excitement. New opportunities begin to unravel as the days move on. From here on out, there are plenty of events to look forward to.

For our team, this includes several tournaments. I have to admit that it is hard to watch the season fly by. By mid-March, our season will be over! Last weekend we stayed in Lake Placid for the 35th Annual Northwood Tournament. We all put in the effort and came out 2-1-1, with our only loss being a close 2-3 game. This weekend, we are flying out to Minneapolis for four games. Aside from Minnesota, the rest of the year will consist of Connecticut, Washington D.C and Vancouver. It will be a lot of travel in a small window of time.

Recently in school, we’ve been wrapping up the first half of the year with mid term exams. I wouldn’t say they’ve been fun, but its great to finish them and move on to the next half of the year. Also, our student council has gotten the ball rolling with several charity ideas. We are also working towards the debut of our school newspaper any time soon.

Outside the walls of our building also hold many new things. For example, the bobsled, skeleton, and luge courses are open. All you have to do is pay the admission fee and you can ride like an Olympian! Mirror Lake, on the other hand, has dog sled trails, cross country skiing trails, and areas cleared off for a skate. I’ve been out there myself, and it’s a lot of fun. Although the temperature has been dropping into the negatives very often, there’s no better time to go outside!

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