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  2. NAIT Ooks Receive Championship Rings!

NAIT Ooks Receive Championship Rings!


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Happy June Blog Followers! 🙂 

Time sure is flying hey? I’ve been so busy with work and training that I can’t even keep track of which day it is. The good thing about the time flying by is that hockey season gets closer and closer. Yes, it’s only June, but I am getting impatient already! 

So far this summer, I have really done nothing but work and train. I am going into my fifth and final year with the Ooks and I have dedicated myself to being in the best shape I’ve ever been in. I want to end on a good note. As for work, it sucks having to work 12 hour days most of the week, but the paycheques make me happy, so it evens itself out. 

I forgot to talk about my trip home in my last blog. I had a couple weeks off so I went home to Manitoba to spend it with my family. I won’t be home again until December so it was very needed. A lot of my time was spent with my parents, sister, and three brothers. My little twin brothers (Shawn and Bradley) have started singing and playing the guitar so I got nightly concerts, it was unreal! I also haven’t seen the twins since Christmas and as soon as I walked in the house, I got them mixed up…. terrible sister!!! I spent a lot of time in the city with my sister as well in her brand new place and just spent some time catching up and hanging out… exactly what I needed! My older brother was home a lot and we spent time watching hockey together and hanging out as well. Since my Dad is retired now, him and I spent many of the days together. He fixed up my car and we went shopping and Mom joined us too… I love spending my days with those two, they are a riot! Aunts, Uncles and friends got visited as well so my days were pretty busy! 

Exciting news that just happened yesterday is that we got our CHAMPIONSHIP RINGS! Everyone was so excited when we found out they were ready that we immediately went and picked them up the day of. Lots of selfies were taken with them of course. Picking up the rings brought back many memories of the past season and all the hard work that was put into it in order to wear the rings we just received. Some girls got emotional, which was expected…. I wasn’t one of them, or was I…… :)?

As I mentioned in my last blog, I went to the Hockey Alberta Future Leaders Camp last month to learn more about coaching and gain more knowledge etc. I am happy to say that I was selected into the top 8 and received a 1000.00 scholarship and I am moving on to the next stage where I will be helping out with the U16 Team Alberta Female Hockey Camp. This is very exciting for me and I am looking forward to the week in Camrose helping with this camp! 

That is all I have for now and I look forward to sharing my month of June with you in my next blog! 

Take care you all!!!

Sherri Bowles, NAIT Women’s Hockey #15

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