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Minnick and Penguins Crowned As German Champions!


I can’t believe it is already March!!  I have been here since August and sadly, my last month of living in Munich has started.  I have played a lot of hockey since arriving last August and it has been an experience I will never forget!  My team has won the German Championship by having the best overall record for the season!  We will also play in the German Cup in a few weeks where we will face the other top five teams from our German League.  Most recently, my team participated in the final four European Womens Hockey League playoffs.  Unfortunately, my team lost in the semi-final game and ended up finishing third in the league which was disappointing as we were definitely hoping to win!  

Besides playing hockey, I have been able to do a little traveling to places like London and most recently Vienna, where I got to get together with old friends from Colgate which was really nice!  In Munich, I have been helping coach two to three times a week and even though there is a bit of a language barrier, it has still been a fun and rewarding experience!

My time in Munich has definitely had its ups and downs.  My days are definitely nothing like they were in college, where I lived a very scheduled and regimented life balancing both school and Division I hockey.  But, it has been nice having free time and the ability to really discover Munich.  I have played a lot of hockey and I definitely feel like it is taking a toll on my body!  It has been a huge time commitment but I am definitely glad that I got this chance!  In my last month here I hope to win the German Cup and have lots of fun!  I am going to Spain at the end of my season and I have never been there so I am looking forward to that!




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