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  2. Middlebury Continues to Prepare for Home Opener Versus Colby

Middlebury Continues to Prepare for Home Opener Versus Colby


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Hi my name is Carly Watson. Here at Middlebury, we have started off ice pre-season with a bang! We have a great group of freshman that will surely add a lot to our team. It is always fun to have new faces on our team! With two-a-days this past Saturday and Sunday, the team is starting to look cohesive. We have been focusing on keeping our feet moving and doing everything “fast”. Drills and small games have aided in this. As we are feeling more comfortable on the ice, playing at a quick pace, aspects of our forecheck and breakout have been addressed. This is always a bit difficult to master, as many of us have come out of a summer playing pick-up hockey, or no hockey at all. However, we are improving every day.

As the weather drops in temperature, the time we spend at the rink increases. Between practices and lifts, a large portion of our days is spent at the athletic complex. Coach Ashley Salerno has provided us with a great lifting routine that allows us to build strength in the off-season, and maintain it during the season without getting “burnt out”. It is evident that most everyone worked really hard over the summer to return to school in tip-top form. This work ethic has continued thus far, and its gains on the ice are apparent on the ice.

We look forward to getting our games started rather shortly. We still have much to cover in the next week before our home opener against Colby. However, we will surely be prepared for a great battle.

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