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Memorable Moments: Quinnipiac Seniors Speak

As we start the February month with our final regular season road trip to Harvard and Dartmouth it begins to sink in even more to us seniors that we are in the closing phase of our collegiate hockey careers. I felt it appropriate to enlist the help from my senior counterparts in this month’s post. We have been through a lot here at Quinnipiac together as a class, starting with a freshmen win-loss-tie record of 3-26-5. Wasn’t the greatest but we knew we had something special and that the coaches were right. They told us to trust them and believe that we could make a difference and we would be starting something great. Together we took that low win record and the next season we won 19 games and the following 22. Wins are a big part of what we do as athletes, but there are so many more memorable moments we have made together through these four years, and what better way to understand that statement than to read the words from myself and my incredible seniors:

“Here are two memories I have or the ones that mean the most to me since I have so many…first is winning spring season competition two years in a row on the Gold team, and the second would have to be playing 20 minutes and making one save against SHU.  Other than those two I have so many… just being a part of the team even though I never got the chance to play in a real game, I have loved being here and watching the team do so well and to have met all the wonderful girls that I have.” -#1

“First is coming in freshmen year and not knowing anyone on the team or at the school because I didn’t come on a visit and instantly connecting with Jord, Chels, Perry and Wheels right away. I will never forget the comforting feeling I had knowing I would have those girls with me for the next 4 years. A second memory was the snowball fight we had on a long bus ride home when we stopped at a rest stop, and even coach joined in!” -#2


“I have so many “top memorable moments,” if someone asked me to talk for an entire day I could probably fill it, but without a doubt two of them are: 1. Freshmen year, our first Thanksgiving as a team, all huddled in one room as Coach Seeley and his wife announced to us that they were going to have their first baby. 2. I think my entire sophomore year is a year that meant a lot to me, playing for the seniors and beginning to understand that one day I would be in their position, and beating a lot of teams in our conference for the first time. It was a year where our 2012 class really started to see that our positive attitudes, dedication, and trust in our program was going to pay off and leave a mark.” -#3

“1. One of my favorite moments (more like weekends) was 2011 first round of playoffs sweeping Princeton at Princeton to move on the semi-finals of the ECAC. 2. On our way home from Clarkson and SLU sophomore year and we had to stop.  Of course there was snow on the ground and we decided to have an impromptu snowball fight, the best part was coach hiding behind the trees throwing snowballs at people! I think those are my favorite… way too many to choose from.” -#6

“Definitely when I scored in OT against RPI in playoffs sophomore year…another thing that I will never forget is the last game against RPI (also sophomore year) when we went into five overtimes, it seemed to go on forever…and then they scored on a goal that shouldn’t have counted. Yes, we lost, and it was a tough situation for a team to go through after it was shown that it wasn’t a goal, but together we got through it and I think it has added a little something to every game we have played RPI since. I’ll never forget it. One more thing, all of our bus trips together and everyone singing karaoke on the way home.” -#17

“1. Going to the semi finals last season against Cornell. Even though we ended up losing, it was one of the best, if not the best games I have ever been apart of. We were so close, and to see how hard our team fought for each other was unbelievable. 2. It is indescribable what we went through our first year; starting out with having 11 freshmen, our class is now down to 6, with 5 of us being from that original class. We went from a 3-26-5 season (3 wins, 26 losses, 5 ties) our first year, to 19-10-8 our second year. This was one of the biggest changes from year to year in NCAA history, which I feel shows a lot about the character of the team and the legacy we hope to leave.” -#26

It’s clear to see there are so many things we will never forget about Quinnipiac, and we still have one more month to capture a bunch of new memories, and we will do that, the exact same way we started…together.


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