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Megan Curry Recaps 1st Half of Season

Merry Christmas and Happy New Year!

What an interesting year for us so far! We went into this year excited for a very difficult schedule and prepared to get the best out of the teams we played. The target on our back is something we take pride in – we want to compete with the best out there. However, this only works when we are ready to give every team the best we have. We have not been playing with the passion and heart that defines our style of play. This has led to a couple of big losses to RIT and Norwich, great teams that outplayed us and deserved the win. We also let up two late goals against Trinity to settle for a tie. They fought hard and showed a lot of character – we did not.

Luckily for us, passion is never out of reach.  We are experiencing the age-old lesson that the game of hockey is not easy, that nothing is ever guaranteed. When I look around, I see everyone enthusiastic to make the necessary changes and meet the challenges that lay ahead. Most importantly though, our team recognizes that hockey is a gift – we see the upcoming series of games as challenges in a way, but more as an opportunity to play the game we love! Alright, enough of that cheesy analysis… We play Plattsburgh in the first game of a holiday tournament next weekend while Elmira and Middlebury face off against each other. It will be a weekend of great hockey and we hope to set the pace for the tournament and the rest of our season!
An odd personal update: after having the flu for a week, I found out that I brought a lovely present back with me from Sierra Leone- malaria! Four months after my return, the stress of 
finals must have lowered my immune system enough for me to show symptoms for the first time. After receiving meds, I am completely recovered and healthy though I am one of the lucky few to still be in the process of paper-writing and test-studying as my extension deadlines approach in the coming weeks!

To end on a positive note, Courtney Hanlon reached a prestigious landmark in her hockey career only two games into her senior season – the 100-point club. To date, she has 55 goals and 51 assists. Sorry for embarrassing you Court – kind of, not really.

Take care,


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