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Meet the Freshmen Class of the Syracuse Orange

As the season beings here at Syracuse, us upperclassman have come accustomed to many things around campus: the first snow sighting in October, the basketball team winning with over 100 points, and the embarrassing walks down Euclid Ave. Some things we are unfamiliar with, like our first hurricane (well sort of), and of course our seven new Freshman. Over the past two months we have gotten to know our freshman pretty well. Hidden talents, their favorite books they like to read, and all the other stuff in between. We feel that you all should get to know a little about this dynamic group of fine young women as well.

Emily Auerbacher “Stryker Jones” #22 from Gladstone, NJ. Stryker really enjoys long boarding the most out of anything. She also said; “I really like to sing even though I’m bad at it. Its what I like to do for hours at a time.” She says she gets really irritated with people who try and have a conversation with her while she is singing. Stryker plans on studying Sociology here at Syracuse with an English minor.

Laurie Kingsbury “Kings” #18 from Valleyfield, Quebec. Kings favorite music artist used to be Chris Brown but now she has a liking for One Direction. Her hobbies include, playing cards and going fishing on her little boat. One of her pet peeves is when she is searching for something specific in her bag and cant find it. Laurie plans on studying Child and Family Studies here at Syracuse.

Marianne Thomaris “MA” #21 from Elmira, N.Y. Marianne listens to punk-rock music, but country music is her favorite. She also said she used to be in an improv group called the “Shoeless Joe’s” in High School. One of her special skills is she can change a flat tire in under four minutes. Marianne plans on studying Sports Management here at Syracuse.

Julie Bengis “Bengal, Bagel” #1 from Stormville, N.Y. Bengal says she enjoys surfing in the summer and wants to go professional after her hockey career. Being late to anything irritates her the most. In fact she sets five alarms in the morning to make sure she wakes up on time. Bengis is studying Sports Management here at Syracuse and hopes to work for the he N.Y. Rangers someday.

Danielle Leslie “Dan, Danny” #6 from Winnipeg, Manitoba. Dan has recently purchased a ukulele and now knows the whole “Twinkle, Twinkle” song. She says she plays it to “calm my soul.” She also claims to be an amateur juggler, though I have not seen this side of her yet. She told me her favorite movies are “Bring it On” and “Stick It” and wishes she could be a cheerleader or a gymnast. Dan is studying Civil Engineering here at Syracuse.

Melissa Piacentini “Tini, Tiny” # 14 from South Weymouth, MA. Tini said she used to play squash before she first put on hockey skates. He favorite animal is a monkey, and she actually adopted one this summer through the World Wild Life fund. Her favorite type of music is Christmas music and her favorite artist is P!nk. Tini is studying Entrepreneurship & Emerging Enterprises in the Business school here at Syracuse.

Nicole Renault “Cole, Nic” # 2 from Plymouth, MI. Nicole enjoys wakeboarding in the summer and says she can almost hit a “front slide 360 grab.” She has a duel citizenship with the US & Italy and makes the best raviolis in town. She also said she has never had a cheeseburger from a fast food restaurant, but will never pass up Burger King fries. She is studying Supply Chain Management at the Business School here at Syracuse.

We hope you all learned a little bit more about our new freshmen this year. Till next time…. Go Orange!



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