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Meet the Boston College Class of 2016!

It’s a new year, and that means a new writer for our blog. I would like to introduce myself, my name is Ashley Motherwell. I am a senior from St. Charles, IL, and I enjoy listening to Mumford and Sons, interior design, and watching documentaries. We recently just underwent our first week of practice and let me tell you it was a tough one. From new lines, to new teammates, I can already tell this year is going to be an exciting one.

For this first blog entry I would like to introduce our newest team members from Boston College’s Class of 2016. Coming in hot…



#17 Meghan “Grieves” Grieves hales from Cary, North Carolina. This girl is two of a kind, meaning she has a twin brother. When she spends time away from the rink, you can find her shopping at Polo and J.Crew for her everyday preppy clothes. She also benefits daily from being stretching partners with Kristina Brown.





#21 Lexi “bendskie” Bender is from Snohomish, Washington. Lexi is quite the dog lover, and even once signed her dog Daisy up for “dog modeling”. Unfortunately, Daisy’s career never hit its full potential. She also enjoys hiking and anything that has to do with the earth!




#35 Taylor “T-Blake” Blake comes from White Rock, British Columbia. She thoroughly enjoys playing guitar, eating sushi, and wearing tie-dye. One could say she might be a hippie. 




 #6 Kaliya “koala” Johnson, comes from the great state of Arizona, and likes to spend her timeaway from hockey listening to music, cooking, and playing with her dog. A random fact that most do not know about Kaliya is that she enjoys singing Celine Dion. 




#8 Dana “Dolly” Trivigno from Seauket, N.Y likes cookie dough ice cream from Bee’s Ice Cream, wheeling, and knitting. Outside of doing hockey specific workouts Dana likes to take stress-relieving runs. 






#22 Haley “Tostitos Scoops” Skarupa from Rockville, MD is better known as Skrooops28 by her twitter followers.If you hear Florence and the Machine playing you will be sure to find Haley there listening with excitement. Little known fact about her is that she can write with both her left and right hands…must be nice.




Well until next time….peace, love and dance moves!


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