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Meet the 2011-2012 UConn Huskies!

Hey Guys!

This is my first time ever blogging so I’m completely new at this. I think I’m going to start by presenting myself, so my name is Alexandra Garcia and I am senior at the University of Connecticut, double majoring in Management and in Math/Stats. I come from Montreal, Canada and my first language is French. Now I would like to present to you my team. We recently welcomed 7 new freshmen to our roster: Christie Bauer, Emily Snodgrass, Sarah MacDonell, Kayla Campero, Rachel Farrel, Silvana Moccia, and Caitlin Hewes. These girls are awesome and fit right in. We also have 8 returning sophomores: Nicole Pannicia, Stephanie Raithby, Taylor Gross, Kiana Nauheim, Maggie Walsh, Ali Vakos, Jenna Welch, and Jocie Slattery. 4 returning juniors: Maude Blain, Kelly Horan, Carli Pridmore, and Casey Knajdek. And last but not least my 2 other senior teammates, Rebecca Hewett, and Sami Evelyn. This is the University of Connecticut Huskies 2011-2012 Womens ice hockey team! 

So the first 2 weeks have been really busy for our team. The school year started really well with a day off because of the damages left by hurricane Irene. We took that time off to gather our last minute preparation before the start of the school year. However, It didn’t take to long before we were already back in the training room as a team for our pre-season testing. We had three days of testing and one day of training before having two days off for the weekend. Because it was labor-day weekend, some of us decided to go back home to spend time with our families and some of us stayed on campus and went to watch the UConn Football game. We all took advantage of the two days off we had to replenish our body and prepare ourselves physically and mentally for the upcoming school and training week. This second week was very busy. Every day, we had a lift in the morning with Moe in the gym and then our cardio training in the afternoon with Coach Totten. All workouts were very demanding but all worth it in the end. We however finished the week with our traditional Team triathlon. This is an activity were we are placed in groups of three and each team members runs 1 mile, bikes 3 miles, and swims 200 meters. This team activity is very interesting because each team needs to dress up in different costumes. This year we had 3 super hero teams, one animal team, a Celine Dion team, a jabbawockeez team, and a highlighter team. We all fiercely competed but one of the super heroes team (Maude Blain, Caitlin Hewes, and Jocie Slattery) came up with the win. 

We finished the day with our first ever car rally. For this event, we were separated in 5 teams and each one was given a list of items to find and bring back or tasks to accomplish. We had 5 hours to complete as many tasks as possible and each one of them was worth a certain amount of points. The team that would bring back the most items and that accomplished the most tasks would win a prize. After the final review, Team #5 (Nicole Pannicia, Rebecca Hewett, Maggie Walsh, and Rachel Farrel) won the rally by only 20 points. 

This past week was really overwhelming with all the meetings, classes, lifting, training, and team activities we had, but we all worked really hard and we are finally ready to hit the ice, Monday, September 12th for the first time this year. We will keep working hard and will be ready for the upcoming season!

Go Huskies!


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