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McGill Off to a Great Start in the New Semester!

A great start to the new semester, and it’s good to be back! Though we are often disappointed during exams at the brevity of our upcoming Christmas Holidays, we always return to Montreal as though the separation was much too long. Not that we didn’t utterly enjoy our time at home with family and friends, but it’s difficult to be away from each other for more than just a few days.

We returned to McGill on December 27th for a pre-game practice before playing St-FX, Manitoba, and Laurier the following days. It was a great way to get back into it and we all came back with a lot of energy. These three games allowed us the opportunity to shed our holiday laziness and each team gave us a challenging game.

Many of the girls joined with the men’s lacrosse team to celebrate New Year’s Eve, while others returned home to places like Toronto for a few days. We had practices January 4th and 5th, and departed for New York City that afternoon.

On Friday we spent the day dispersed amongst the crowded streets of NYC. We split up into groups and explored the areas surrounding Times Square. Some went shopping, some ventured through Central Park, some ventured through Madame Tussaud’s Wax Museum, while others visited Grand Central Station or took a tour bus to common tourist destinations around the Square. Like last year’s excursion to the city, no matter how dispersed we were, we all had time for a trip to the Wonka or the Hershey Store for a candy overload that would make our departure from the city slightly more rowdy than necessary. Hyped up on chocolate bars and everlasting gobstoppers, the aisle of the bus was occupied with a fashion show of our newly purchased wardrobes. Until, of course, the inevitable energy crash came, which left the entire team passed out for two hours on our way to New Haven. The following day we played Yale which, once again, gave us the opportunity to ease back into the hockey routine against a team we only play once a year.

Returning to Montreal and settling back into the school routine was the inevitable next step and, after two weeks, and a couple of regular season games, we are ready to face off against the Montreal Stars on Wednesday night. Part of the CWHL, they are a highly experienced and conditioned team so it will be good to see how we stack up. We have played them a few times the last couple years and each year they accumulate more and more of our graduated players. It’s always fun to see our friends on the other side. These exhibition games give us the chance to improve our own game and derive inspiration from their talent, pushing us forward to new heights.



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