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McGill Martlets Bond During Summer Months

Though hockey has been over for about 3 months, and we’re now all scattered around the globe, we still get the chance to catch up and bond with our teammates. Last weekend about ten of us, along with a few other non-McGillers, came from the Montreal and Toronto areas to play in the Rush tournament in Brampton. We got together the Thursday night before the tournament started, and the fun continued through the weekend as always. It was a great chance to play with and against our friends. Some of our teammates were on a couple of the other teams which made it an even better weekend of competition. Though in theory we were said to be on-ice opponents, the fun nature of the tournament and the fact that it was June (and not yet September), inspired our less competitive side. Our team was called “Dumbledore’s Army” and, in our final game (fittingly against a few teammates and some of our other friends), we took on the true persona of our Harry Potter-themed team. We had our character names taped to our jerseys, lightning bolt scars on “Harry’s” helmet, broomstick celebrations, and english accents. Though the team name was jokingly suggested, the outcome it inspired was hilarious.

A number of other Martlet and company gatherings have been organized for the summer, including a St. Jean-Baptiste party, a Canada day party, a beach volleyball tournament, the Calgary Stampede, the Martlet hockey camp, the 2nd Annual Martlet Baseball tournament, and the 5th annual weekend of fun on the lake. Obviously not everyone can go to everything, but we like to make as many excuses to see each other over the summer as possible (because everyday in the fall/winter/spring is clearly not enough).

Now that I have graduated, I’m not quite on the same training regimen as my past teammates, which was evident at last weekend’s tournament. After a short break from on and off-ice activity, the Martlets eagerly and willingly resumed their passion and have been, as every summer, training hard to prepare for the anticipated season. Those who remain in Montreal over the summer also play in a 3-on-3 league, where the CIS, NCAA, and CWHL players are interspersed across the teams.

As for me, I have been traveling through Thailand and Cambodia and have returned to prepare for my trip to Eastern Europe in July. I have had a great summer so far and am so thankful that even through our busy schedules, we still have time to reunite with one another.


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