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Manitoba Bisons – Ghouls Just Wanna Have Fun!

Hello Bison Blog readers! 

It’s been a busy few weeks for the Bison Women’s Hockey team. We put a start to our 2011-12 season October 14-15 against Alberta and had a good weekend of hockey in Regina October 21-22. We have had a slower start to our season than we would have liked to but I feel like things are taking a turn for the better. Our weekend in Regina started off a little shanty but we had a convincing 4-2 win on the Saturday game, outshooting those Cougars 35-20. We came out flying and made things happen all over the ice. It was evident on the bench that everyone was having a lot of fun too. It was a productive weekend, and we came out with 3 points. 

On a sidenote, I missed game video on Monday because I had a midterm but it is to my understanding that Poison Dart Man returned and made Maggie his latest victim!! That ol’ guy will get ya if you’re not careful! (For those who are unfamiliar with Poison Dart Man, he is a slithery character who often attends our games. He lurks in the shadows of the stands and is rarely seen. He typically wears all black and preys on the players, usually forwards. I too have been victimized by his attacks. When one is targeted by Poison Dart Man they will be just skating with the puck with no one around, and all of a sudden their legs will become like rubber and they will crumble to the ice. Quite embarrassed, the victims will typically end their shift promptly and seek shelter in the bench.) 

It has been a while since the last blog so there are lots of shenanigans to mention! On our bye weekend before we played Alberta, Kayla Duna was so kind as to host a Team Potluck at her house. It was lots of fun and as per usual we ate way more than was really necessary. Wouldn’t have it any other way though! It was nice to hang out as a team and bond a little before we got too deep into our season. Thanks again Duna for your hospitality!

We continued our tradition of stopping at the Lee residence on our way to Regina this year. I always look forward to stopping in Brandon and eating lunch at Amy Lee’s house. Thanks to Jill and Bob Lee for graciously hosting our team. Lunch, dessert, and the puppy chow were all delicious. Due to some past incidents, Amy proactively hid all of her embarrassing childhood home videos and supposedly locked them away. We tried to find them, but no luck. Also, much to Nellie Minshull’s disappointment, we once again made several tiring jokes pretending to confuse her with Amy’s dog, Nellie. I guess she thought that after three years it would have gotten old, but let’s get real… it’s not a joke unless you take it too far! Our team is often guilty of crossing all sorts of lines, so this was no different. I was thoroughly pleased that the Lee family had a piano in their basement for me to play. Since I am a budding piano prodigy, I was glad to be able to sneak some practice in before we got to Regina. I performed a convincing cover of Adele’s “Someone like You.” That was the end of the show, as I only know one song thus far. Baby steps, right? Right? 

Another team event that transpired recently was our team social! It was a Halloween social called “Ghouls just wanna have fun.” Well… these ghouls had some fun. After a fast paced evening practice on Friday, we got on our costumes and headed to Arena. Since I write the blog, I decided that I get to judge the Unofficial Bison Costume Contest. Winners (and losers) are below: 

Best Group: Michelle, Caitlin, and Danielle as “Rock, paper and scissors” 

Best Individual: Leiette as “Miss Piggy” 

Best Rookie: Palmer as “The Brunty Swamp Bride Dinosaur” 

Runner Up Rookie: Whatever Brenley was 

Worst Ruining of a costume prop: Duna, whose snake’s head fell off very early in the evening               (Runner up: Maggie, who neglectfully lost Linda) 

Most Educational/Historic costumes: Nellie, Myself and Palmer as “Women of history: The                 Nobility and her royal peasants” 

Best Hair: Addie Miles’s mullet 

Overall, it was a hilariously fun night. I felt like the team bonded and got to know one another a little better. As Kristy would say, it was “Super lotsa fun.” 

Well… Looking forward it is safe to say we have our work cut out for us. Our November schedule is intimidating, but I know we have the endurance and drive to make it a great month of hockey. Coming off a good weekend and a bye, we are rested and motivated to host the Saskatchewan Huskies this weekend. Game times are 7pm Friday and Saturday, November 4th and 5th. 

That is all for now… Have a fun and safe weekend. 

-Kristin Cockerill 


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