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Manitoba Bisons at the CIS Nationals


Hello Bison Blog readers! 


My last post was written while we were in CIS Nationals in Waterloo, Ontario. Not a whole lot has happened since then as that was our last event of the season. Our record at Nationals was not what we had hoped it would be, but the trip was fun regardless. We worked hard all year to make it to Nationals and we earned an impressive seed. It was with our diligence, tenacity, and the support of our coaches and staff that we were able to have such an enjoyable and successful season. Nationals was a great experience and we worked hard and enjoyed ourselves. 


As usual, our team found several opportunities to “ram around” off of the ice. The one thing standing out in my mind was our rendition of The Bachelor in the dressing room before the opening ceremonies. I am not even sure why we did it or how it started, all I know is that is was hilariously entertaining. Nellie Minshull was the bachelor and we all stood in a row and she called out different people to receive a rose. Six of us were so fortunate as to receive a rose. At the end, Kacey Funk was the one to get eliminated from the competition. She had a very dramatic and tearful good bye. I laugh just remembering it all. 


Another fun thing about Nationals was the banquet on Wednesday before the games all started. We got dressed up and got to be among some of the best female hockey players in Canada. The guest speaker, Becky Kellar, was fantastic and inspiring. She left us with a message that although hockey is a pillar in our lives, it is important to recognize the other importances. We all enjoyed the banquet and were happy to be at Nationals.  


Our final game at Nationals was against the Alberta Pandas, a team that we have played several times this season. It being the fifth place game, we made sure to enjoy ourselves. We still played hard, just made sure that we savored every last minute of the 2010/2011 season. Our fifth years all had a great time. Jon (our head coach) started our five fifth years and then called a time out with a minute left to let them finish the game. All our players in the bench applauded their entire last shift, honoring our fifth years for all of their hard work and dedication to the Bison program. Our fifth years were a big part of our team and they will be very much missed next year! It was a symbolic and emotional end to the season.


Now that we are finished the season everyone is just spending their time finding summer jobs and getting caught up in school. We are starting a new fitness program next week which I’m sure will be challenging. It will be enjoyable too, at least once all the fitness testing is over with! 


Well, that is all for now. It was a great season and I am so glad to be part of such a fun and hard working team. We are a tight-knit group with all kinds of characters, and I’m sure the next season will bring more success and good times. 


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