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Manhattanville Super Fans Through Thick and Thin!

Since I last wrote, a lot has happened. We finished off winter break with our annual team pool tournament. It is safe to say that Natalie Horton and myself won best costume as we came dressed as “Horton and a Who”. In close second I will give my kudos to Kehoe and Turco as they came dressed as cowboys, with Turc’s taking it to the extreme with a handle bar mustache, stylish cowboy hat and a vintage, way too tight, Calgary Flames jersey. As for the actual tournament itself, Noah, the director of hockey operations and Sonia came in first but I will once again boost my own ego as Natalie and myself, despite our complete lack of any pool playing ability managed to make it all the way to the championship game in the losers bracket.

As classes were finally beginning on the 24th and the rest of the Manhattanville community back on campus, we ventured off to Conn College.  We battled hard and were able to return with a 2-1 win. However the rest of the week of the 24th did not go our way.   In a gritty match against St. Anslem it seemed as though we could never get our legs going and consequently St. A’s capitalized on our mistakes.  Hoping to change our luck the next day we arrived focused but our lack of urgency ultimately costs us the game with a 3-1 loss to UMass Boston.  Although the weekend was disappointing Mr. and Mrs. Scioli provided us with a fabulous home cooked meal, filled with Macaroni, shrimp, meatballs, stuffed shells, and awesome ice cream cake at their home in North Reading, MA.   However we all agreed that our on campus dinning hall’s food is so much better (NOT).

With the weekend behind us we started off 5:30 Monday morning with yet another round of Insanity.  After completing the numerous rounds of mummy kicks, power jacks, 1-2-3 Heismans, belt kicks, and squat push ups we have come to find ourselves continuously performing these moves all around campus and even during our nights out.  We have truly been “insanitized” (Eric Lang).

However, our hard work did pay off in our next weekend against New England College and Casselton State.  Although the tie against NEC was not the result we wanted, we played a high skilled and systematic game that raised our spirits and gave us the spark we needed to dominate Castleton.

We have completed our weekly insanity sessions for this week and with a good week of practice we are ready for our senior weekend.  With numerous family members going to be in attendance we hope to sweep the weekend in order to move up in the standings and give our seniors an unforgettable senior game.

Also, I’d like to send a special shout out to Mr. and Mrs. Harris, Manhattanville College’s number one fans.  Whether it’s an early morning practice or a late night game on a Tuesday, we can always count on the Harris’ to be there.  With their trademark “Good morning ladies!”, delicious cookies secretly placed in the locker room and constant words of encouragement, Mr. and Mrs. Harris have truly become a part of the Valiant tradition. We just want to thank them for everything and let them know we appreciate all that they do!



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