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  2. Manhattanville Participates in A Charity Softball Tournament

Manhattanville Participates in A Charity Softball Tournament


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Well, it’s been a while since I last wrote and time sure has flown. As a team, we enjoyed our spring out on the Quad, picked up post season training, spent many a mornings playing ultimate Frisbee, played in a charity softball tournament (at least tried to), and had to bid farewell to our four amazing seniors and three grad assistant coaches. Since arriving at Manhattanville in August, the year truly went by in a blink of the eye and all in all it was an unforgettable year filled with countless memories, laughs, stories, and an ECAC East Championship on top of it all.


As for me, I returned home for a short period of time before I headed out to my current location, Block Island. I was lucky enough to get a waitressing job out on the island off of Rhode Island and will be out here all summer working hard while enjoying the sun and the beaches. With the down time that I do have, I have been exploring my surroundings going on long runs and rollerblading adventures. One of our trainers, Jon Plato, was able to put an offseason workout program together for me to follow while I am out here that will allow for me to get in the best shape possible for the upcoming season.  The program, paired with the ever so common Insanity videos, will keep me busy and put me on the right track for the fall.  Watching the Bruin’s win in Game 7 and celebrating with a restaurant full of B’s fans has not only fueled my excitement for their run to the Cup but also for our season that awaits in the fall.


With teammates scattered all over North America, working at The National Hotel’s Grille and Tap, has allowed for me to share a common link to the guests when they share where they are from. While everyone is off working, traveling, working out and enjoying home, some of my teammates have assured me they will make a visit on Jackie Solomito’s boat at some point this summer, so now I am just awaiting their arrival. As for now, I’m trying to get the hang of balancing trays and memorizing the menus and while I am enjoying the beautiful weather, I will say that I miss everyone already.


Hope you all are enjoying your summers!



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