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Mandy Montgomery Spends A Day with the Stanley Cup

I know I will say this every year, but this summer sure has gone by really fast! So I will try to fill you in a little bit on what I have been up to since I haven’t written in a few months. 

Fortunately, my summer has been pretty well balanced between work and fun.  I couldn’t land a true summer job so I have been working on some big projects for my parents and neighbors, such as staining decks, putting up insulation and drywall, cutting back a few acres of trees and brush, and cleaning out our garage (a three car garage completely filled with about everything but cars).  It has been a lot of work accompanied by poison ivy and bug bites, but I love being outside and it gets me a little spending money.  I have also been hitting the gym and rink as usual, and meeting up with friends from high school.  

Early in June, my dad and I drove out to Connecticut for transfer orientation at Sacred Heart. I picked out my classes and was able to experience campus more, plus I got to meet some other transfer students and professors. But the best part of that trip was the day after orientation when we went down to see the Statue of Liberty. We left from the New Jersey side and had a wonderful sunny day to enjoy an amazing view of the Manhattan skyline. It was only my second time ever seeing the ocean and got a little queasy on the ten minute ferry ride to the island, but once we got to land I blended right in with the other tourists, reading every sign and snapping tons of pictures. 

My family takes a yearly vacation to a cottage on Lake Michigan, and this year we got to borrow some kayaks to take out on the lake, which was so much fun! When my brother and I were out paddling around, we came across a stunned seagull, which we picked up and put into his kayak and brought back to the cottage. We gave it some bread and it slept in the yard for a little while before flying off. Other than that I spent a lot of time running and napping on the beach, surprisingly not getting too sunburned.  

The last couple weeks have been quite eventful, too. First of all, I got my wisdom teeth out, which was not fun at all.  The medicine they gave me upset my stomach terribly and I think that the holes in my mouth are totally disgusting. So I’m just glad that’s over with. But on a more positive note, I got a new kitten named Marley!  My brother and his girlfriend adopted him a couple months ago, but now they are moving and can’t have pets at their new place so they gave him to me.  My teammates from St. Norbert designated me the team cat lady so my excitement seems appropriate.

I have to say the coolest part of my summer, which just happened August 10th, was that I got to see the Stanley Cup!  Matt Greene, a defenseman and assistant captain for the LA Kings, is from Grand Ledge so he brought the cup home for a day. There was going to be a parade but it was cold and rainy so they set up a table for pictures and autographs at the high school gym. My aunt, who lives in Malibu, sent me the sports sections of the LA Times covering the Stanley Cup Playoffs to get signed by Matt, and then we talked about how we played against each other at drop-in hockey last summer and that we both lived and played hockey in Green Bay for a little while (he played juniors for the Green Bay Gamblers before going to North Dakota).  

I can’t believe I will be leaving for Connecticut in two weeks! It has been unsettling not knowing exactly what I’m getting into out there but I have talked to my roommate and a few girls from the team so that has helped a lot. My friends from St. Norbert will always be a huge part of my life and I’m looking forward to bringing those experiences with me to a new adventure on the East Coast. Well, I hope everyone enjoys the rest of the summer and is getting pumped for another great hockey season! I will check in next time once I get all settled in at SHU! 


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