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Maine Black Bears Give Back to the Community

Hi again!

November has been another busy month for the Black Bears. We’ve had the opportunity to play some non-conference opponents including Niagara and Brown and it is always a great experience playing teams from different conferences to see how we compare. So far we’re .500 on the month, but we’re hoping to pick up some points this week to boost us up in the standings. We’re currently on a fairly lengthy road trip heading to Vermont and then New Hampshire for some crucial league games. It is our Thanksgiving road trip and we’re on the road from Tuesday until Saturday. 

Beyond hockey, school has been quickly picking up with the semester winding down. Final papers and exams are enough to keep us pretty busy, but we make good use of what free time we have. My roommates and I have recently invested in ‘Just Dance 3’ and the new ‘Black Eyed Peas Experience’ for Wii and have been dancing the nights away. We’re all pretty competitive so we get really into it. It’s a miracle someone hasn’t broken anything yet. 

With Christmas around the corner, the team is participating in a couple fundraisers. This past weekend we put together some shoeboxes filled with small gifts that are going to be sent out to children in need. Giving back to the community is something that is very important to our program. We take advantage of any opportunity to give back to the people who have been so supportive of us. 

There is only about half a month left before the break and we are looking to pick up momentum to carry us into the New Year. Six games are left, four of which are league games, and we need to stay focused in order to play our best. We’ll just take it one game at a time starting with Vermont and go from there! Happy Thanksgiving! 

– Mac #14 


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