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Magee and the Alberta Pandas Training for 2011-2012 Season!

 It has been about two months since the season has ended and training for the following season has been going full force. I started working out as soon as the season ended, anxious to improve my fitness and better myself for the upcoming season. My level of fitness finishing the season was nowhere near that with which I entered with, so my goal has been to get back at the level I was, and push myself to a new point of physical ability for next year. Where I work out is enjoyable and exciting because there are girls from all around the CIS and NCAA that workout with our trainer. Every day, we get to find out what other teams are doing for fitness in comparison to ourselves and our team. I feel this has really helped me raise the bar in my expectations of fitness because my team has pushed me during the season to become better, stronger and faster. Training with a group of people who come from different workout experiences, gives you a plethora of ideas to improve as a player and as an athlete. I want to be able to come out of the season in equal or possibly better shape than when I come into the season because that was an issue for me this year. Hopefully I can accomplish that by getting help from my trainer and other girls I work out with. I saw the results on the ice from my decreasing fitness so I need to be able to maintain what I work hard for in the off season.

Right now is also an opportunity to tend many of the injuries and issues I accumulated from my first year of playing CIS. I’ve had a chronic back issue for years now, so I’m now seeing a personal fitness instructor so that I can work on my back every day to get it better. Already within a week of doing the stretches and exercises I was given, my back has felt better. I have a lot of issues that have resulted because of my back injury so I hope seeing this fitness instructor and later getting acupuncture may help my back in time that the new season rolls around.


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