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  2. Lugano Beats ZSC Lions to Close Out First Half of Season

Lugano Beats ZSC Lions to Close Out First Half of Season


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Wow, I can not believe the first half of the season is already over! We just finished up our last game before winter break against Zurich and won 3-2! This leaves our team at first in the league before the holidays! It was a big win after losing to Zurich a few weeks ago at an outdoor game. It was good to see the girls come together and respond the way we did. I have really been enjoying my time getting to know the girls this season! We had our christmas party last weekend where we had a dinner at a nice restaurant and exchanged gifts. It was a great time and fun to hang out with everyone outside of the rink. We also had our holiday skate with the kids we coach and some of the other youth teams. It was great! They brought a big christmas tree onto center ice and we had fun stations set up around it. Christmas music was playing the whole time to set the mood. St. Nicholas then came on the ice with his sleigh and gave all of the kids a gift. It was so cute and once again you could see the sense of community this club brings to Lugano. I loved it! 

Okay, so taking it back to Thanksgiving…it was great as we celebrated it twice! On monday that week one of Kira’s (our manager) friends got a big group of Americans and a couple Swiss to celebrate Thanksgiving together. We had the meal at her friends goat farm high in the Mountains. It was so cool to see an actual goat farm. Our friend Kristen gave us the grand tour. This farm actually produces cheese for stores throughout Lugano. We tried some and it, of course, was amazing! On top of the great environment, the turkey, stuffing (plus much more), and company made this day so comforting! It was amazing! Thank you to everyone for making it possible! Thanksgiving number two was with my friends Jess and Jordan who came to visit from Germany and Austria that weekend. On Thanksgiving day we hiked Mt. Bre and than made a nice home cooked meal with my roommates. It was so fun to host the girls for there first trip to Switzerland. We also made our way over to Bellinzona where we spent the day in the town and wondered through the three castles throughout the city. Of course i didn’t let them leave without trying some Swiss Fondue. It was a great weekend! Thank you girls for making the trip! 

As soon as thanksgiving was over our house began playing christmas music 24/7. It is weird being in Lugano during this time because there is no snow! I am not complaining…it just doesn’t seem like December! Kristine and I have been taking full advantage of the weather and get 1 to 2 hikes in a week. We hiked Mt. San Salvatore which has amazing views of Lugano from the opposite side of Mt. Bre. Our teammate, Anja, also joined us for a nice hike that overlooked our town, Lamone! We found a really cool cave with an opening to frame Mt. San Salvatore. The views just never get old to me. Time has been flying by and I am trying to soak it all in as best as I can! We keep busy everyday between playing hockey, working out, coaching, hiking, site seeing, trip planning, and studying. 

On Thursday I am headed to Germany to meet some friends to head to Ireland for Xmas! I then have Aunt Jan, Bubba, and Jessie coming out to see me right after christmas! I am really looking forward to getting some traveling in with some familiar faces. However, I will and am for sure am missing family over the holidays! I love and miss you all! 

Happy Holidays from Switzerland! xoxo

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