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Line Dancing, A Fair, and Work

Hello again!

I thought I would start this email off with a random fun fact.  Did you know that bed bug bites take up to 9 days to surface and that they typically appear in a line of three?  I didn’t either until I started to notice what I thought were mosquito bites on my leg.  They weren’t going away and were a bit bigger than your typical mosquito bite. Yes, I think yours truly has been kind enough to share her bed with some bugs!  I hate bugs!  I’m still grossed out.  In fact, I had a dream, wait who am I kidding, it was a nightmare a few days after I noticed these mysterious bites and I woke up in a sweat completely wrapped up in my blanket.  I think I was trying to hide from the bugs!  Once I finally realized that the red bumps on my legs weren’t mosquito bites, I calmly took off my bed sheets, washed them, vacuumed my room and remade my bed.  HA!  Yeah right!  I freaked out!  My mattress quickly made its way up into the attic along with the comforter, bed sheets and pillows.  I took a stroll to the closest mall and bought myself a blow up mattress, two new pillows, sheets and a blanket.  There was no way I would have slept peacefully knowing that those creepy crawlers could be lurking just waiting for me to close my eyes only to attack!  No way!  That blow up mattress may be my best purchase since I’ve been here.  Who knew how comfortable those things really are!

Anyway, we ventured back to the country bar only this time we (Shawzy, Angi and I) brought our two Finnish teammates with us.  I am pretty sure they had never heard of line-dancing before and were a bit skeptical, but they had the time of their lives!  They didn’t want to leave, but when the DJ stopped the music we had to peel them off the floor. We have now learned 3 dances … I can proudly say I know one by heart … the other two I could use a refresher before hitting the dance floor.  I only tripped over my feet a handful of times this time around and am starting to find my Right foot … slowly.

We played a “friendship match” (aka an exhibition game) on Sunday.  It was our last one before our season starts on the 20th.  We ended up winning 6-2, but it was a much better game than the score indicates.  It was a 3-2 game going into the third and we scored a few quick goals at the end to seal the win.  After our game, Shawzy, Angi and I took the train into Zurich to check out an annual festival that I would compare to the Big E (for all you Americans) and something like The Ex times 10 (for all you Canadians).  The transportation is unbelievable here, so much so that even I can navigate my way around the city.  It doesn’t hurt that we have Angi to help us out either!  There is a bus station right outside our apartment and a train station about 10 minutes up the way.  Anyway, we grabbed a train into Zurich then jumped on a trolley to where the festival was taking place.  It was a spectacular sight with hundreds of rides, shops, food stands and games.  I normally hate walking by all the games because the workers usually heckle you to try and get you to play their game, but they didn’t do that at this fair.  A nice surprise!  We watched a few performances, ate some not so healthy carnival food, played a game or two and called it a night.

On Tuesday, Shawzy and I had a job interview at a private school in a very financially stable town just outside of Zurich.  We will be working part-time as teacher assistants.  Gym teacher assistants at that!  My favorite subject in middle school growing up and now I get to give back!  It’s an English/Swiss German speaking school so all of the kids (from kindergarten to grade 6) should know some English.  Good thing because all the words I seem to be taught or remember in Swiss German are words I probably shouldn’t say in front of little kids.  Great teammates I have helping me out with my Swiss German, eh!  We’ll be teaching skating lessons, hockey lessons and helping out with any and every other sport they want to play – I hope dodgeball is one of them!  We don’t start until October 19th so we still have a few weeks to travel around and see as much as we can!

It has been a rather tame week in comparison to the others, but I am finally starting to get into a routine and feel more and more comfortable with my surroundings.  A few of us are heading to Oktoberfest after our first regular season game this Sunday.  I’ll be sure to take some pictures to show all of you.



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