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Hello all! For those of you who haven’t read my previous blog, my name is Allie and I’m a goaltender from Michigan playing for the Salzburg Eagles in Austria this season.  This past month has flown by between practices, games and traveling.


I played in my first two games of the season on September 24th and 25th against Aisulu Almaty, a team from Kazakhstan. In the first game we won 2-1 in overtime and we lost 1-0 in the second game in the fifth round of a shootout. Although we didn’t come out with two wins, it was fun playing with intensity in the low scoring games.  From a goaltender’s perspective, there was tons of shots but the pace allowed for that extra second of reaction time.  Since my first weekend of games, we’ve played a couple more teams. All of our games so far have been low scoring games, usually with only a one-goal difference.


During the week, we practice twice on Tuesday, and once on Wednesday and Friday. Practice is usually an hour long and we do a team lift before practice on Tuesdays. At the beginning of October, we started practicing on the outdoor rink.  Aside from the occasional steam that rises from the ice on warmer days, the outdoor rink is awesome to practice on, especially because you can see the fall colors in the trees surrounding the rink.


On our off weekend in September, the other imports and a couple teammates did a road trip to Croatia. The drive to Dubrovnik, which is at the most southern tip of Croatia, took about 10 hours.  We stopped for a day in Zagreb and Zadar to help break up the drive and to do a little sight seeing. In Zadar, we visited the sea organ, which are steps that border the sea and were designed to create sounds of an organ based on how the waves hit the steps. My favorite place though was Dubrovnik. The way the city was built up to overlook the sea was breathtakingly beautiful. We rented an airbnb with an amazing view from the balcony and spent most nights hanging out talking and drinking wine as the sun set. During the days, we explored the city, which is becoming more and more popular due to it being the film set for the show Game of Thrones. There are also tons of islands you can take day trips to as well. Croatia isn’t on the radar for most people when thinking of places to visit, but I would highly recommend visiting Dubrovnik if given the chance!


This upcoming weekend the Austrian national team has a camp and since our team has a handful of players on the national team, we don’t have any games or practices. My friend from college is visiting and we’re using the off weekend to take a trip to Venice, Italy!


For next month’s blog, feel free to comment any topics or questions you’d liked answered!


Until next time!




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