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Life as a Martlet Hockey Player

When deciding between coming to McGill and other Universities, what drew me to my final decision was McGill’s hockey program, the coaches, the city, and the school’s academic reputation. What I will be leaving with, in addition to a keen appreciation of all these, is an experience I could not have imagined five years ago. I came looking to become a better hockey player, and I will be leaving as a better person. There is no better environment to foster life values of empathy, selflessness, and communication, than with the McGill Martlets. And I am grateful every day that I made the decision I did.

My next crucial decision came when I had to decide whether I would be staying for a fifth year to play out my eligibility or if I was going to move on from McGill and begin my studies at art school. Though I was extremely excited to begin a new phase of my education, to move back to my home province, and to begin my career, the tempting possibility of one final year with the Martlets ultimately induced me to stay. I slowly began to realize that my experience at McGill was one that I would never have again, and I was not yet ready to leave it behind. I recognized also that this would probably be my last chance to play hockey at such a high caliber. With time, my conviction only grew greater and by the time convocation arrived in June I could not have been more pleased with my decision. During the granting of my diploma, I was overwhelmed with nostalgia for McGill, reflecting on all the things I had learned and experienced, and all the people who contributed to my maturity and growth.

As a major in World Religion with a keen interest in philosophy and life in general, I appreciate more than anything the opportunity to be part of something greater than myself. There is no single individual who has created the success of our team, rather it was through the perseverance and cooperation of all members that we have reached our goals. We take pride in one another’s accomplishments and the ones we share together. No contribution is valued less or more than any other. We are a wheel, and without the functioning of each spoke, we cannot succeed.


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