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Let The Off-Season Begin!


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Let the off-season begin! School is finally out, but that doesn’t mean our schedules are suddenly open. For many student athletes, our summer will contain travel, a few school projects, and a lot of training and ice time. Summer is a perfect time to zone in on what you need to improve to prepare yourself for your athletic and academic commitments in the coming fall.

As far as I see it, you have to jump right into your busy schedule and give everything your best effort. My picture perfect summer used to be relaxation from the long school year. But as I get older, I see that summer is a transition to your next big year and you can’t take that lightly. A lot is changing for me next year, such as the new school I will be attending and the new team I will be playing on. So that gives me even more motivation to do everything I can to be at my best for next fall.

Hockey wise, my summer will consist of ice sessions and several hours of training every week. I will also be attending Development Camp in Minnesota and several tournaments along the way. I’m so excited to get back on the ice since last season. Since I’ve been off the ice, training has been top priority. I am very fortunate to have a great trainer near home that will guide me through this summer to work on many skills that I can apply to my game, such as endurance, balance, and explosive strides. I will also spend time to go for runs and shoot pucks. Overall, I’m happy with the amount of hockey I will be fitting into this summer.

Then, along with being an athlete, I have commitments as a student. I can’t say I’ll be swamped with assignments, but just that I’ll have to clear up time on my calendar to work on them. Even if it won’t be my favorite thing to do, it’s definitely important to finish.

Overall I can definitely say that I’m prepared for some new challenges this summer.

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