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U Sports (formerly known as CIS) is the premiere league for women’s hockey in Canada at the University level. CIS Women’s hockey is composed of 29 teams from four Conferences – Atlantic University Sport (AUS), Canada West, Ontario University Athletics (OUA) and Quebec (QSSF).  The OUA play a 27 game regular season schedule, Canada West and the AUS play 24 games as well as an additional 20 games in the QSSF.  Teams play between 30-40 games per year when you include conference and non-conference competition.  Each Conference has its own league schedule and determines its respective Champion.  Once Conference Champions are declared, they advance to the U Sport National Championship Tournament.

Most teams practice four times a week averaging anywhere between 7-10 hours and have their own rinks on campus.  The majority of exhibition and league games are played on weekends.  This accommodates the academic responsibilities of student athletes, as little class or lab time is missed because of sport schedules.

Current U Sport regulations allow schools to provide athletic scholarships up to a maximum of tuition and fees with sport ability being the primary criteria.  This financial support is in addition to any academic scholarship or bursary the student athlete might qualify for.  Incoming students must achieve an 80% average and then maintain a “B” average moving forward.

To learn more about the CIS, visit www.en.usports.ca

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