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Konichiwa from Tokyo!

Konichiwa from Tokyo, 

The Stingers have finally arrived in the big city, Tokyo. Our team arrived safely into Tokyo and we are now on a bus ride to the hotel before we go to the arena. The differences between Tomokomai and Tokyo are already extremely evident. Firstly, we’re at the smaller of Tokyo’s two airports and this place is huge with many terminals. Tomokomai is a city with a population of approximately 175,000 people while Tokyo is the largest metropolis in the world. 

Japan is so different from Canada. When we pulled into the airport, we saw commercial planes, exactly like the one we were on, except these were painted with all the Pokemon figures on the body. I promise I will post a picture of it soon.  

As we make our way around Tokyo en route to the hotel, I begin to realize how big the world truly is and how small Canada is. In the last few hours I have seem at least 3 people take pictures of us, as if were on display because were foreign. It’s somewhat of an awkward feeling. This city is just spectacular. The architecture is unlike anything I’ve ever seen before and this country is simply amazing. It’s efficient, polite, friendly and clean.   

So the Stingers Japan experience was made a lot more authentic by our experience as we visited the Imperial Gardens. We stopped our bus and walked around for a few minutes around the Emperor’s Palace and we felt an earthquake of magnitude 3 on the scale. So for everyone who heard about it on the news, do not worry, we are all okay!

We have settled into our rooms now in the hotel in Tokyo. We are simply at the heart of the city, in a great neighborhood. I’m on the 20th floor so I have great view of the city. It extends forever, you can’t see the end of the city.  As we bus around to get to the arena and get ready for practice, it’s tough to grasp everything. The magnitude of people here is incredible and there is just so much to see. The pictures don’t do it justice. 

Practice was great today, especially considering our late night last night and early travel morning today. We are on our way to dinner, I heard it may be Italian. I’m really loving the food here but after six straight days of salad and rice at every meal, I’m craving a little American cuisine. Especially since tomorrow is game day! 

Hopefully we’ll get some time to explore around the hotel before bed. 

With Stinger Pride, 



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