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“Just a Girl”: A poem for girls in hockey


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Throughout this global pandemic, I have taken the time to look back on last season. It was an amazing season, but somehow I was able to remember every little phrase opposing teams or coaches said to me, so I decided to write about it and write about what we experience as women or girls in the hockey community, because the challenges we overcome are amazing, making us some of the mentally strongest people out there. Though we are “just girls” or women, we are very powerful human beings! Being a girl is everything we need in life to be successful.

The Girl of First Lines

Just a girl of first lines.

She remembers everything.

Every. First. Line.

Good and Bad.

She’s just a girl.


Lines can hurt.

Lines can enlighten.

Here are just a few lines,

But remember she’s just a girl.


Ladies first!

The top gun goalie can’t hang.

Good job young lady.

You’re just a girl.


Good game boy.

Great game!

You’re better than the boy.

But you’re just a girl.


She’s the bravest person I know.

She carries her team.

Wait. That’s a girl? She’s really good!

But she’s just a girl.


You have a girl on your team.

She’s bringing you down.

If you played and not the boy, you would’ve won.

But you’re just a girl.


Through everything,

She’s just a girl.


– Rachael Irving #32


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