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  2. Jam-packed Summer for Emily Loebs in France and Long Island

Jam-packed Summer for Emily Loebs in France and Long Island


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It has been more than a few months since I have written, I have been wicked busy! 

Lacrosse season was awesome, under our new head coach, we finished the season off 6-8, with an OT loss to Bentley and a 1 goal loss to Assumption, we went into April 4-2 with a lot of confidence. We held Le Moyne to a 4 goal difference and our season closer, New Haven to a 3 goal game which if you look at previous years….BLOWOUT! So it was a great season, we were in shape, and loving playing every day. 

I somehow made it through finals, packed up the room and said my goodbyes. 3 days after moving home I flew out to France! I took a class and was out of the country for 18 days. I went in knowing nobody and came out with 15 wonderful friends. It was tough though, we had a lot of work to do because it was a full semester packed into 16 days of classroom time and traveling to visit castles and museums. Towards the end of the trip I was definitely ready to return back to America and get in my summer grind. 

Before that could happen though, I headed back up to Vermont for 3 days as our school’s SAAC representative at an NE-10 Conference. It was awesome being able to meet other athletes from the conference and become friends with some of the nicest and most encouraging people. One of the days we did a high ropes course and of course I was the most petrified person up there. Everyone was SO supportive and I definitely left Vermont with some friendly faces to look out for next year when competing. 

Now finally, I had about a week to relax, unpack from school and France, and re-pack my life up to head out to Long Island for the summer. I luckily had a little time to catch up with friends from high school, enjoy my family, and I also was able to hike Mount Wachusett with some buddies. 

Finally I am finding a night where I have some down time. I started work last week and am nannying for a really great family. The little girl, Greta, is 5 months and the little boy, Sander, is 22 months. I am loving it. Taking him to the beach and feeding Greta bottles all day. They are both adorable and Sander absolutely loves playing outside, swimming and learning about sports. We learned soccer today, and I taught him hockey…so he runs around the house with a pool noodle all day and hits things on the ground pretending to play. It is so cute. He also can’t say “hockey” so it comes out as “oaky” which is adorable. Everyday, we walk down to the end of the street to the farm and we say hi to the pigs, chickens, horses and cows.

Now that I have settled in with full time work, Monday through Friday from 8AM to 7PM…I was able to work out my work-out schedule. I have been doing track/sprint workouts in the morning with my aunt who just completed the Boston Marathon a few weeks ago. Everyday after work, I head a mile down the street to the ocean and run and then I head to my aunt’s awesome home gym a few times a week to lift. It is great getting back into it all and I am really looking forward to next season! The fall is right around the corner! 

I picked up a catering job for the weekends, so we will see how that goes. I start on Saturday and I am really anxious about it. I have never catered or waitressed before but I have worked in restaurants in the kitchen and managed a bakery-type place. Saturday happens to be a huge 350 person wedding in Southampton and I have to bring my dress shirt and pants over to have my nana iron them because I am horrible at it. 

Living alone again will be interesting.  Taking care of the house, cooking, laundry etc is a lot of work. I have been loving cooking though. I have been making some interesting meals, trying to be really healthy. The other night I made an amazing spinach salad with grilled chicken, avocado, mozzarella, pesto and quinoa. Over the weekend I threw together some gluten free pasta, shrimp, fresh tomatoes, spinach and feta cheese. YUM!!! 

With all my family around here I have been house hopping for some dinners too. Nana and Grandpa made me my favorite meal last weekend, linguine and clam sauce! Deanna and Brian invited me over for some baked ziti and I am currently writing this in my other Aunt’s house about to have some homemade risotto. Last night, I stopped by nana’s and had waffles and ice cream…my favorite dinner!! 

Hope your summers are all going well, so happy to finally be free from schoolwork and enjoy the sun…if I get a chance too! 

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