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It’s One Big Family at the Ontario Hockey Academy

A couple months back at OHA and things are busier than ever. Exams are just finishing up and the students are just getting used to their new classes and teachers and schedules as everyone now has four classes a day instead of three and a gym period, of course each team still has their mandatory gym session.  Also, it has been crazy here with hockey.

The OHA Showcase took place, with each team doing very well; the Gold team went undefeated with two wins and a tie, the White team tied one game and lost two, and the Maroon team winning one and losing one. The white team has been back to playing league games as well.

January 20th-22nd all three teams are at tournaments. Gold and Maroon teams were in Lake Placid, NY at the Northwood Prep Tournament and the White team was in Ottawa at the Ottawa Sens Midget Invitational Showcase.

Even though hockey season is coming to an end doesn’t mean we’ve stopped training as hard or having as intense of practices. Coaches are still working us all hard making sure we never stop developing as a team or as individual players. There’s always room for improvement coach Gilles likes to remind us.

The past couple months have been hard working months, with the amount of hockey everyone needed to get back in shape.  Add in exams to study for and final projects to finish up and time has been scarce, but everyone has managed to make time for some fun. There has been quite a few of co-ed snowball fights finishing up with a lot of cold athletes and then everyone watching a hockey game in the café. There was also an especially fun night where a few of the girls taught our favourite dorm parent how to jerk after a game of leap frog down the hall. Prank wars have started up amongst the girls’ floor, meaning lots of clean up time for us as well.

Everyone is like family here at OHA, including teachers and coaches. You can always rely on someone to help you out with a project or even working on your shot, someone is always there for you, everybody needs someone’s help at one point or another, right!

Another great month at OHA! Go Mavs Go!


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