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If someone were to ask you, what is hockey? You would most likely answer that it’s a team sport played on the ice, and it’s a lot of fun!  It sounds so simple, yet we sometimes make it so complicated for no reason. We sometimes get away from what hockey really is: a game. We get so caught up in politics, over-competitiveness and unnecessary distractions that we forget that competing is supposed to be about hard work and having fun.  

You are the player in control of your career, and at the end of the day hockey will come down to work ethic and enjoying yourself along the way. It’s not about trying to be the coaches’ favorite player, or talking to the right people to get a spot on a team, or any of these constant excuses. Worry about things you can control, and forget about the things you can’t. Blaming others and using excuses will get you nowhere. When coaches are behind the bench, they are not going to play the players with the most talent, but the players who are pouring their hearts out on the ice, shift after shift. That’s it, that’s all it comes down too.

So if ever you get cut from a team, skipped a shift or any other politic involved, don’t blame anyone but yourself. Ask yourself, what can YOU change as a player to make sure the situation never happens again. Tell yourself you have to be so good that the coach won’t be able to cut you, or they’ll have no choice but to play you because you are giving it your all. If ever you are not sure why it happened, ASK. Coaches are more than happy to give a player feedback on things they need to work on, that is why we are there.

We tend to sometimes let ourselves get away from what hockey is at the end of the day. So please, work hard, take responsibility and don’t worry about the other useless stuff. It’s time and energy wasted. You are the one on the ice at the end of the day, and that should be your main focus.

I hope this helps.

Monika Cormier

Coach Moncton Bantam AAA Stars

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